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 Version Date: February 20, 2006



ITEM                                                                                                                                                      PAGE NUMBER



ARTICLE 1                            Name                                                                                                      2

ARTICLE 2                            Affiliation                                                                                              2

ARTICLE 2                            Objectives                                                                                             2

ARTICLE 4                            League Membership                                                                            2

ARTICLE 5                            Government                                                                                          2

ARTICLE 6                            Amendments                                                                                        2



ARTICLE 7                            Adult Membership                                                                              3

ARTICLE 8                            Player Membership                                                                              3

ARTICLE 9                            Board of Directors                                                                               4

ARTICLE 10                          Financial Policy                                                                                    4

ARTICLE 11                          Elections                                                                                                5

ARTICLE 12                          Duties of the Officers                                                                          5

ARTICLE 13                          Player Draft                                                                                           6

ARTICLE 14                          Uniforms                                                                                                7

ARTICLE 15                          Playoffs                                                                                                 7

ARTICLE 16                          Championship                                                                                      7

ARTICLE 17                          All-Star Game                                                                                        8

ARTICLE 18                          Team Management and Representation                                          8

ARTICLE 19                          Meetings                                                                                               8

ARTICLE 20                          Quorum                                                                                                  9

ARTICLE 21                          Amendments                                                                                        9



ARTICLE 22                          League Play Rules                                                                               9






ARTICLE 1           NAME

Section 1.1             This organization shall be known as Maple Shade Women’s Softball League.



Section 2.1             The League shall be affiliated with the Maple Shade Department of Recreation.



Section 3.1             The League objective is to promote good sportsmanship and character in the members while providing recreation.

Section 3.2             Winning shall be secondary to the goal of good sportsmanship.



Section 4.1             Any person meeting eligibility requirements set forth in By-Laws Adult Membership and/or Player Memberships shall be included.



Section 5.1             The government of Maple Shade Women’s Softball League shall be vested in a Board of Directors consisting of duly elected Officers: President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, Secretary and Membership Secretary.

Section 5.2             The Officers of this organization shall be elected in the manner as prescribed in the By-Laws and shall hold office for two (2) years or until their successors are duly elected.

A)     No person shall hold more than one Office at any given time.

B)      All teams shall have a Team Representative to serve as their representative to the Board of Directors. They shall be selected yearly.



Section 6.1             This Constitution may be amended by a two-thirds vote of the Board at any regular or special meeting provided said change is proposed at any prior meeting.






Section 7.1             Adult membership in Maple Shade Women’s Softball League shall be limited to individuals who are at least 18 years of age, are of good moral character, and have demonstrated an interest in women’s softball. Membership includes Player, Team Manager, Coach, and/or Officer of the Board of Directors.

Section 7.2             All members shall abide by the Constitution and By-Laws of the League and all rules and regulations as adopted by the Board of Directors.

Section 7.3             Misconduct on or off the field by any Member is considered a serious offense and will be subject to membership eligibility review by the Board of Directors.

A)     Discipline shall be based on the severity of the offense but may include suspension or expulsion from the League.

B)      Any member shall have 48 hours to present reason why he/she should not be subject to disciplinary action approved by the Board of Directors. The request must be in writing.

Section 7.4             Teams are eligible for League play upon remittance of their sponsorship dues as set by the Board of Directors. Each team coach, not the League, is responsible for securing sponsorships and fees for his/her team.   The team shall be ineligible for League play if timely payment is not made.



Section 8.1             Players must have graduated from High School or be 18 years of age by each season’s in-person registration date.

Section 8.2             New registrants must show proof of age.

Section 8.3             Each season, new players will be placed onto League teams via a try-out and Draft.

Section 8.4             Every player must participate in the fund raising efforts of the League by meeting the requirements set forth by the Board of Directors. These requirements must be met in order for a player to be eligible for League play.

Section 8.5             Any player may be suspended or expelled by the Board for League play misconduct. Managers may appear as an advisor with said player within 48 hours of the event and present reason why disciplinary action should not be taken.

Section 8.6             Managers may suspend and request roster removal of a player for documented, unexcused practice or game absences. The Board of Directors must approve any reason for suspension and contact the player. If a player will be omitted from a game because of suspension, the manager must inform the opposing manager of suspension.

Section 8.7             Any player involved as an aggressor in physical altercations may be ejected from the League for the remainder of the season. The game managers and Board will determine League expulsion.

Section 8.8             Any player who leaves his/her team for one season may return to the team they vacated and are not required to enter the draft. More than a one-season vacancy requires the returning player to enter the draft.

A)     If the Team has a full roster, it must drop the last player to join the team to make room for a returning player. In courtesy, the Team coach should inform the dropped player before the in-person registration deadline. The dropped player may then re-enter the draft.

Section 8.9             A fee will be levied on all participants for League play to offset the costs of running the League.  There will be no refunds.

Section 8.10           Out of town residents shall pay an additional fee, as needed, to cover insurance rate requirements set by the township.



Section 9.1             The Board of Directors shall have control of the property and management of the organization.

Section 9.2             The President, with the approval of the Board of Directors shall fill board vacancies.

Section 9.3             The President shall be vested with the authority to make disbursements of League funds with the approval of the Board of Directors. The League Treasurer will keep all expenditures on record.

Section 9.4             Responsibility and authority of the Board of Directors:

A)     Establishing, amending and enforcing the Constitution, By-Laws and Rules of the League established by this body.

B)      Approval of team Managers and Coaches.

C)      Approval of schedule, and/or schedule exceptions.

D)      Adopting temporary rules and regulations for specific cases or occasions which have not been provided for in the Constitution, By-Laws, or League Rules which are deemed necessary to carry out the League objective.

E)       Pursue, within 48 hours of written notice, resolution to League-related grievances and/or rule exceptions presented by team representative(s); Board decisions in such cases are final.



Section 10.1           The Board of Directors will control League income; it shall be kept on record by the League Treasurer. All funds will be deposited into a checking account in the name of Maple Shade Women’s Softball to be used as necessary.

Section 10.2           The Board of Directors shall forbid the contribution of funds to individuals of teams.

Section 10.3           A yearly budget shall be prepared, reviewed, and approved at each scheduled Board of Directors meeting.





Section 11.1           Every year a general election will be held to fill expired Officer term(s). Terms shall begin in October.

A)     In odd-numbered years, three (3) Board positions will be elected. Vice President, Membership Secretary, and Treasurer.

B)      In even-numbered years, two (2) Board positions will be elected: President and Secretary.

Section 11.2           Elections will be held the last week of the regular season.

Section 11.3           Voting shall be by secret ballot with one vote allowed to each active League member.

Section 11.4           Members must attend election to be eligible to vote.

Section 11.5           Sign-up sheets for candidates for a Board position will be distributed two weeks prior to the All-Star game and will be closed upon completion of the All-Star game.

Section 11.6           A Board member not on the ballot will handle the ballot box.



Section 12.1           President

A)     Serve as the Chief Executive Officer of this League with responsibility for overall operation of the League.

B)      Conduct all Board of Directors meetings having only one vote to be used in the event of a tie vote.

C)      Delegate authority, assign specific functions, create special committees, and take similar actions in consultation with the Board of Directors.

D)      Approve and sign League contracts, bills and documents as duly authorized by the Board of Directors.

E)       Direct yearly Registration and Draft.

Section 12.2           Vice President

A)     Assist the President in performance of his/her duties and exercise the powers of the President in his/her absence.

B)      Serve as Liaison to Umpire Association including scheduling and handling grievances, as necessary.

C)      Coordinate for Board review, manager notification of player attendance problems involving potential suspension, “Slacker Tracker.”

Section 12.3           Secretary

A)     Prepare, maintain, and submit accurate and detailed meeting records and minutes including attendance.

B)      Coordinate Board elections.

C)      Coordinate the in-person Player Registration and Draft.

D)      Prepare the practice and season schedules for adoption by the Board of Directors.

E)       Coordinate team recap submissions.

Section 12.4           Treasurer

A)     Collect and administer League funds covering detailed account of income, expenditures, and receipts cover:

1.        Deposit incoming funds weekly.

2.        Submit a financial report at each Board of Directors meeting.

3.        Produce properly balanced books, receipt book, vouchers, and other related financial data as requested by the Board.

4.        Prepare and present an Annual Report of League financial activities at the January monthly Board of Directors meeting.

B)      Serve as Sponsor Liaison for sponsorship fee collection and thank you letters.

C)      Procure equipment, uniforms, and maintain League assets.

Section 12.5           Membership Secretary

A)     Maintain up-to-date League member directories including registration records and team affiliations.

B)      Compose and maintain League correspondence and files including sponsor solicitation.

C)      Serve as team liaison.

D)      Coordinate league promotions including league mass mailings, registration notices.

E)       Maintain undrafted “hat” pick list.



Section 13.1           Try-outs and the Draft shall be held after registration to fill rosters. The Draft will be based upon roster requirements: a minimum of twelve and a maximum of fifteen players. Request for exception to exceed roster maximum is subject to Board of Directors approval.

Section 13.2           The order of draft selection will include championship play as follows:

A)     League champion and runner-up will receive last and second to last draft picks respectively.

B)      Remaining team’s picks will be based upon regular season standings.

C)      Each round will adhere to previous round’s order.

Section 13.3           All teams must draft in their predetermined order and may not pass.

Section 13.4           Draft rounds will continue until all draftees are selected or all rosters meet the maximum player count.

Section 13.5           Try-out absentees can be selected only via random hat pick after all attendees have been drafted.

Section 13.6           Returning players wishing to leave their team may re-enter the draft by participating in try-outs. Said player can not be re-drafted onto their previous team.

Section 13.7           Up to two members of a manager’s immediate family may be excluded from the draft. Should a manager opt for this exclusion, their earliest draft pick(s) will be forfeited. Draft exclusion for immediate family will not be extended to team coaches or players.

Section 13.8           A mother may request through the team’s manager, that her daughter(s) be excluded from the draft and placed on her team.  If there is a vacant spot on the team’s roster, this request will be granted by the Board.  Should a manager opt for this exclusion, their earliest draft pick(s) will be forfeited.  

Section 13.9           A new team into the League will get the first round, first pick and receive every other pick in the first round. Second round will return to regular draft selection, with the new team choosing last.

Section 13.10         Undrafted registrants will be placed into a “hat,” in no discriminating order, and will be selected at random as necessary. The Board will maintain and have access to the hat list. When a team needs a player, the Board must receive a full day notice of need. Two board members and the team coach or team representative must be present at the hat pick. The team coach is responsible for contacting the selected player. There must be at least two (2) players in the “hat” in order to pick.



Section 14.1           All players must wear League supplied uniforms in order to be eligible to play.

Section 14.2           Uniform shirt color must be approved by Team coach or representative at or before Draft/Coaches meeting. Otherwise, the Board will give authorization based on previous year colors.



Section 15.1           The playoffs will be scheduled at the end of the regular season and shall be a best of three series. The Playoff round will match 1st vs. 4th and 2nd vs. 3rd. The winners of the playoff will proceed to the Championship.

Section 15.2           To ascertain final standings in the event of a TIE, regular season team records, not runs scored, will determine ranking; this deterrent to running-up game scores ensures adherence to the League objectives. The following evaluations shall be used, in order, until a better record has been determined:

A)     head to head record,

B)      second half record,

C)      lowest average of runs scored per game by both home and visitor.

Section 15.3           The team with the better regular season record shall be home game for the first and, if necessary, third game.

Section 15.4           Playoff games will adhere to ASA Code requiring that all games be completed.

Section 15.5           Postponed or suspended games will be rescheduled or resume, respectively, on the earliest available date based upon field and umpire availability. No Friday or Saturday games will be scheduled.

Section 15.6           Player eligibility for post-season participation requires that a player has participated in more than 50% of the games in which they were on the roster.

Section 15.7           Field assignments will adhere to the schedule as established at the start of the season by the Board.



Section 16.1           The championship will be a best of three series and will follow Playoff rules Sections 3, 4, 5, and 6.

Section 16.2           Field location will be determined by the home team’s choice: any non-fenced regular season field location.

Section 16.3           Championship team and second place team will receive a monetary award, predetermined and announced before play-offs by the Board, at the Board’s fiscal discretion. 



Section 17.1           At the discretion of the Board, the All-Star Game will be played before the end of the regular season, will adhere to all Regular Season rules except it will consist of nine (9) innings, light permitting.

Section 17.2           Team representation shall be chosen by the manager, coaches, and/or players. The number to be selected will be determined by League size.

A)     No players other than those selected may play in the All-Star Game.

Section 17.3           Utilizing the season record, the All-Star teams will be assembled as follows:

A)     Home Team: first (1st), fourth (4th), fifth (5th), and eighth (8th) ranked teams.

B)      Visiting Team: second (2nd), third (3rd), sixth (6th), and seventh (7th) ranked teams.

C)      The managers of the first (1st) and second (2nd) place teams will serve as All-Star Managers.

Section 17.4           At the discretion of the Board, the All-Star Game may be replaced by the selection and awarding of individual accomplishments for members of each team, including, but not limited to:  Most Valuable Player, Most Team Spirit, and Most Dedicated.

A)     Individuals will be elected by each team, manager and coach.

B)      Individuals will be recognized at the league social.



Section 18.1           Managers and designated coaches shall be responsible for:

A)     Draft player selection.

B)      The conduct of his/her team players while on the field.

C)      Player notification of scheduling and game-related matters.

D)      Reading, understanding, and adhering to the rules and guidelines outlined in the League Constitution, By-Laws, and Rules.

E)       Liaison to Board of Directors as related to written notification of team grievances.

F)       Mandatory attendance at open League meetings.

Section 18.2           Team Representative will:

A)     Provide weekly game results and write-ups to the Secretary.

B)      Collect fund raiser monies to be handed over to Board of Directors for administration.

C)      Assist Manager serving also as liaison to Board of Directors as related to written notification of team grievances.

D)      Coordinate team sponsorship activities with appropriate Board of Directors member.



Section 19.1           Meetings shall be called at the discretion of the President and Secretary. Board of Directors shall meet monthly except for the months of November and December.

Section 19.2           “Roberts Rules of Order, Revised” shall govern all meetings; order of business shall proceed as follows:

A)     Roll call, previous meeting minutes review, financial report, communication, reports, unfinished business, and new business.

Section 19.3           All Board Officers, Managers, and Team Representatives shall be notified and invited to all General Membership meetings.

A)     All matters of Game Play shall be decided by the Board of Directors, Team Managers, and Team Representatives.



Section 20.1           A quorum for the Board of Directors shall be at least two-thirds of the members.

Section 20.2           A quorum for General Membership shall be two-thirds for the Board of Directors, and representation by two-thirds of the League’s teams.



Section 21.1           These By-Laws may be amended by a two-thirds Board vote at any regular or special meeting, provided said change is proposed at any prior meeting.



The official playing rules and regulations as published by the ASA shall be binding on Maple Shade Women’s Softball League, except where superseded by the League’s rules or the Umpire’s Association. Failure to adhere to League rules will result in a forfeit.


Section 22.1           Each team will have one manager and not more than two (2) coaches.

Section 22.2           ASA Run Ahead Rule 5 section 9A will be modified: fifteen (15) runs, five (5) innings.

Section 22.3           Line Ups shall utilize all players attending the game.

A)     Each player must play at least three (3) innings in every seven (7) inning game she attends.

B)      Up to five (5) Extra Players (EP) may be used.

C)      Line-ups exceeding ten (10) batters may allow for one (1) substitute.

1.     Teams with mismatched player counts will be allowed additional substitutes. The minimum batting line-up (count) can not be lower than the number of attending players minus one. Example: At game time, Team A has fourteen players and Team B has twelve players. The lowest batter count is team B’s line-up (whether twelve with no substitute, or eleven with one substitute).

D)      All players in the starting line-up must be indicated by their starting field position or listed as an EP, or bench.

E)       A skipped-at-bat will be an out.


Section 22.4           MSWS will follow ASA rules for player substitution, without exception.

Injury requiring suspension of game play and substitution will be addressed first using a legal (ASA) substitute. In the case where a substitute can not be used, re-entry of a player previously removed from the game (subbed) will be allowed; no other illegal substitution may be used and circumstances shall revert to ASA rule.

A)     Courtesy Runner will not be allowed.

Section 22.5           Additions to the line-up for late player arrivals after game start will be handled as EP and placed at the bottom of the line-up.

Section 22.6           No member is permitted to use equipment deemed illegal or unsafe by the Board of Directors. Member using such equipment will be ejected from the game and may be suspended.

A)     The league will adhere to ASA guidelines on the prohibition of illegal bats.  An illegal bat list will be provided to Team Managers before the start of the season.

Section 22.7           Alcoholic beverages and illegal drugs are prohibited at the recreation facilities.

Section 22.8           Catchers must wear a catcher’s mask during defensive play.

Section 22.9           Game start “waiting period” will not exceed fifteen (15) minutes past scheduled start time.  If an umpire is

not at the field at game forfeiture time (15 minutes after game start time) and either team does not have enough players to field the game (9), then the game is automatically rescheduled.  If both teams have enough players and an umpire is not at the field by one-half hour after game start time, the game will be rescheduled unless both coaches agree to a longer waiting period.

Section 23.0           Pitcher’s mound will be positioned 50 feet from the back of home plate. Pitchers must have one or both feet on the mound to start.